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I have been in the Real Estate business for 11 years now. I attended the University of San Diego and always knew that I would end up living and working here, in the nicest city in the U.S.. There are many factors that have led me to who I am today, not only personally but in business as well. To begin, I was brought up overseas. My parents both worked for an American oil company that attracted people from all over the world. Growing up around many different nationalities and people from different walks of life not only broaden my horizons, but also taught me to understand and communicate with a myriad of various personalities. This experience has helped me immensely in providing excellent service by being able to listen, understand, absorb, and figure out how to keep my clients happy. Going way above and beyond the call of duty is always a guarantee from me.

I was brought up by two wonderful parents who instilled in me the most important values in life. Honesty, integrity, discipline, and honor are all my mantras in business, and in all aspects of life.

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